Monday, May 16, 2011

You Only Have 90-Minutes

How much could you get done if you focused for 90 minutes?

Over the last few months, for some reason, I’ve been getting less focused, less organized and less productive. Like everyone else I have a number of stressful issues all working at the same time and I think these are the things that are slowing me down.

So I put a sticky-note on the computer screen that said, “2 Hours! Focus!”

Now, during the last few days, I’ve learned that what I happened on by chance has a scientific basis. Ultradian rhythms are 90-120 minute periods in which we are more focused and more productive.

They are part of the circadian rhythms that explain our energy peaks and valleys each day. If you can figure out when ultradian rhythms come along you can try to schedule some of your more important tasks during those time slots. You’ll be able to concentrate more effectively, get more done and be less stressed.

The great thing is that you probably already know when your 90-120 minutes of highest productivity occurs.

Ask yourself this question: If you had a very important task to perform; you wanted to make sure you did the best job possible; and, you could schedule it any time during your day….when you would schedule the task?

The answer is probably the period of time that coincides with your ultradian rhythm.

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