Friday, June 24, 2011

Bent Out of Shape

Ok…another message about technology…but, medium technology, not higher tech.

For any of you who are responsible for your own yard you know that every now and then you have to buy a lawn mower.

By now you know that I have a little house with a small yard east of Raleigh and for the first time in awhile I need to do some mowing….and since I love cutting grass, that’s a good thing.

Bought a mower; small, great little Briggs and Stratton engine, easy to use, about a month ago.

I mowed twice …and then it wouldn’t start. Never had a B&S engine let me down. Not since starting to mow grass at 11 years-old.

Messed with it for a week. Neighbors are starting to give me ugly looks because my grass is getting high.

A friend came over last night and she’s one of those, “LET’S GET UP RIGHT THIS MINUTE AND FIX SOMETHING!!” kind of people.

So, I said, “Fine, go right ahead. I’ll sit on the deck and watch.”

Well, within about a minute she discovered that a small metal tab had been bent so that the choke on the engine wouldn't work correctly. She bent it back to the correct position.

I couldn’t have found and solved that problem with a team of engineers from MIT.

Now the engine works. And my grass is mowed.

The last two days have shown me that sometimes you have to slow down, see what works, maybe get a little help, and say, “Thank you.”

What little thing, seemingly unimportant would, if you fixed it, make big difference in your life?

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