Friday, June 3, 2011

Closing Doors and Roses

I’m going to start off on a downer, but hang with me.

It seems that death is rearing its head.

A good person I know is in her last few days, struggling to hang on but fighting a losing battle.

First thing this morning I learned that another old friend was found Wednesday in his back yard and passed away yesterday.

Just now as I walked up the driveway after getting my paper, I noticed on the ground outside my kitchen door the petals of roses that had blossomed this past week, died, and fallen away.

The fading and end of life.

However, somewhere in the hospital where my friend lays there is a baby being born. This weekend, when my other friend is being laid to rest a family will move into his hometown. When I saw the dead rose petals on the ground I looked up and saw the beautiful red and yellow roses that had replaced them.

Life and renewal.

One door closes, another opens.

I’m playing golf with friends this afternoon (I know, I know, in 98 degree heat it doesn’t make much sense). I see golf as a celebration of life even with all the cussing and throwing things.

The journey is waaaaay too short. Celebrate life today and this weekend.…and don’t forget to admire the roses.

See you Monday.

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