Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Come Onnnnnnn! Just Relaxxxxxxx!

(Just because you’re seeing the word golf here don’t click away.)

My buddy, Al Ward, says golf on television is the perfect sport for napping.

He says, “When you flutter your eyes open during your nap you’re looking a beautiful, tranquil scenery and the announcers even talk softly.”

If golf’s on, Al’s horizontal.

Increasingly, for me it’s sitting out on the deck under the trees at my new home, The Cottage.

Do you have a situation like that in your life?

It could be a place or time or thought; it’ll be some sort of cue that puts you in a relaxed state (without drinking nine beers, that is).

In order to stay healthy you should go there on a regular basis.

If you don’t have a relaxing cue you should.

If you don’t have a relaxing cue that should tell you something about the pace of your life.

What’s your relaxing cue?

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