Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Trashcan Today!

Today is a great day! I get a new trashcan!

One of the wheels on my big trashcan is messed up an it’s a chore to try and roll it down to the street. So, I called Waste Industries and they’re going to replace the can today. I’m really looking forward to having something that simple make my life easier.

A long time ago my mother told me to find one thing to look forward to each day. It’s one of the simplest and most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned.

If you have something positive to look forward to you get up each day with a sense of positive anticipation.

And, yes, for you cynical folks (yep, I’m in your ranks sometimes), there are days when the event you’ve anticipated doesn’t turn out as positive as you would like.

But, simply having something to look forward to turns life into a continuous gift….which is a lot better than looking at life as one smack in the face after the other.

What can you look forward to today? And tomorrow? And the day after that?

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