Monday, June 13, 2011

What, Who and the Here and Now

What or Who have you been focusing on?

I’ve mentioned before that my good friend, Charles Melvin, a successful executive in Charlotte, says that you can tell what’s important to people by looking at what they focus their time and money on.

Today’s message, though, is about Who, not What? But, your What could be a Who…right?

So, Who or What is important to you?

Or, have you been saying that it/they is important, but not focusing on it…uh, they?

Gets confusing doesn’t it?

Here’s the deal: The Who is always more important than the What.

I went to two funerals last week.

I didn’t see a single car, job, hobby, TV or football game in any of the pews in either service.

The pews were filled with people; people who knew and loved the folks who had passed on.

Try this exercise this week: Spend a little more time on the Who(s) in your life than on the What(s).

What Who will you focus on today?

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