Thursday, June 9, 2011

You're Up How Early?!

It’s 6:27 am and I’m up.

Now, I can tell you that this is a rare thing. I hate getting up early in the morning and I can tell all you “I’m up at 5 am to greet the day!” folks that I think you been drinking too many SunDrops.

But, I’m sitting at my desk in The Cottage and I can see young people with school bags walking up the sidewalk going to the school bus stop.

All the compelling evidence shows that children and teenagers learn more effectively after a good night’s sleep. Getting them up at 0-dark:30 and making them head to school seems counter-productive.

It’s all about energy.

I understand the realities of the workplace, responsibilities and the activities of our days, but are you working with your energy flow or against it?

What is the one thing, if you would do it, would raise your energy level?

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