Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bugs Having Sex In the Air

Yesterday, as I cruised happily down the interstate at about 75 mph with my front-seat windows down two bugs, locked together, flew into the car interior.

These weren’t little bugs. They were big, “should we eat Mike here or take him with us” sized bugs.

Now, I’ve had one bug fly in the window but never two at the same time. I know eagles can mate while flying but can bugs? I’m thinking…well…you get it.

They blasted into the car, smacked into my headrest and popped apart. Which, if they were doing what they might have been doing, had to be disconcerting to them. Ok, I’ll stop.

Anyway, they start flying around in the car and I’m swatting at them and trying to put the backseat windows down…and…I swerved and almost ran under an 18-wheeler.

At this point the bugs flew out the back, right-side window.

They had to be thinking, “If this fat boy can’t drive any better than this we better get the hell out of here!! And LOOK he’s got a Carolina sticker!”

I’m convinced that most bugs are Duke fans.

It’s easy to get distracted when the bugs of life fly in and start distracting you; the little or big annoyances, the things that grab your attention away from your main focus.

It’s easy to start spending a lot of energy on the bugs and forget that your main purpose was to move on down the road.

What are your bugs right now?

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  1. LOL! No one can ever say you are boring Mike. Love the post!