Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Coke Man and the Stripper

Forty years ago right now I was sitting in the passenger seat of a Coca Cola distribution truck somewhere out in Robeson County. Summer job after freshman year in college and one of the most valuable experiences I ever had.

The most important thought of the summer was this, “When some of these guys get so old they aren’t strong enough to throw a case of Cokes up on the truck, what do they do?” I realized at that moment that education was freedom.

This is also the anniversary of the first time I ever saw a stripper live and in the flesh. Hay Street in Fayetteville, with all the soldiers from Ft. Bragg, was like Noah’s Ark: if you didn’t travel in pairs you’d better not be there.

I remember standing in Rick’s Lounge, looking at a stripper and thinking, “When you’re too old to be up on that stage what do you do?”

As Baby Boomers a lot of us have drunk the Kool-Aid that we can do anything at any time. But, you know what, in some areas of life we simply age out. Sometimes the behaviors and thoughts that worked before don’t work now.

Saw a great phrase the other day, “Grow up or give up.”

What, if you left it behind, would make your life better, easier, healthier, safer, more productive, more fun, more focused, more…….?

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  1. How true! So many young people today don't give the future a second thought. Planning for your future is key, both educationally and financially.