Friday, July 15, 2011

Feels Like Fall

The hellish heat we’ve experienced for the past couple of weeks is over for a little while.

Walked outside this morning to water my flowers and it felt like early fall.

You and I knew this cool-off was coming, we just didn’t know when it would get here.

It’s all about the ebb and flow.

Our area will experience extreme water shortages and every message is to conserve water…and then it’ll rain for a few days and we have all the water we need and more.

The tough times will last longer than we think we can stand, but we do, and then things ease up and the good times come along. And then, they don’t last as long as we wish they would and other/different challenges come along.

Back and forth.

A balancing act can be difficult to achieve….not impossible…but difficult.

Whichever times you’re in, the trough or top-of-the-hill, appreciate where you are. But, remember that you need to look ahead to the possibility—no, probability—that things will change.

Try this simple exercise: Greet people today with, “Isn’t this cool weather great!” and see how many respond with, “Yeah, but….”

Enjoy the simple pleasure of cool.

Have a great weekend. See you Monday

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