Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is That the Damned Sprinkler?!!

Am at the beautiful Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, VA, presenting a program for the North Carolina Association of Radiology Business Managers.

Woke up and looked out the sliding glass doors and there was a golf hole right outside. Beautiful!!

I was so enthralled with my surroundings and thinking ahead to the program this morning that when I was walking out to the car I didn't notice the sprinklers were on.

As I cruised, head down, deep in thought (ok...for some of you who know me my thoughts might not be too deep and for some of you who zapped me about the strippers blogs earlier this week I'm sure you would agree), a sprinkler rotated over and zapped me a couple of times.

I'm thinking, "Is it raining again?!"


Fighter pilots call it, Situational Awareness.

Are you so locked in on what's going on in front of you that you forget about what's going on around you?

Easy to miss the roses you meant to smell if that's the case.

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