Monday, July 11, 2011

Let's Get a Stripper!


Hang with me on this one, you’ll love it.

Don’t know if you’re into international affairs but about a month ago then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates gave his farewell speech to the defense ministers and other officials of NATO.

For fifty years the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has been a coalition of the United States, Great Britain and many of the nations bordering the Atlantic and Mediterranean. It was created for one basic purpose, to face down the Soviet Union. Now that the Soviet Union is no more the mission has seemed vague.

In short, Gates publicly spanked the other nations for letting the U.S. carry most of the financial and military burden for most of the organization’s life. Other nations cut defense spending and at this point couldn’t carry their load even if they wanted to.

Does this sound like your workplace? Do you have coworkers who rely on you because they know you’ll get the job done? What about folks who have purposely avoided training that might allow them to take on new responsibilities?

But, here’s the catch: Are you the one who isn’t carrying a fair share of the load?

There’s only one job I know of where all the employee has to do is show up and folks are happy and that’s a stripper.

Are you the U.S. of your workplace or the Poland/Spain/France/Turkey?

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