Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Making It Up as You Go Along

So, what’d you do over the Fourth?

I read two novels: the new James Bond book, Carte Blanche, by Jeffrey Deaver (gave it a C), and Dead Silence, by Randy Wayne White (gave it a B).

Also watched The Hangover again and listened to a ton of music.

What struck me was that I was engaging with people who are doing EXACTLY what they want to do in life. Actors/writers/musicians, no matter how poorly or grossly compensated they might be, are pursuing their dreams.

No one comes to a point in life and says, “Ok, I need a job. I think I’ll be an actor/writer/musician.” It just doesn’t happen. You have to want it and go after it.

What do you want? What are you willing to go after?

1 comment:

  1. Amen!!!! What you said is so true. It is only when you are free to do what you want, that you can really begin to feel how good life can be. Not only for you, but for everyone around you. Life is good. Have a great day!!!!!!