Monday, July 18, 2011

The Most Important Thing

What’s The Most Important Thing for you?

It’s easy to pop off and say: Kids, Family, Fun, Health, Spiritual Focus, being Happy, Service…there’s a slew of answers. The only answer that matters, the only answer that matters, is what’s important to you.

When you make decisions do you consider The Most Important Thing?

In What Do I Do Now?, a book about making great decisions, by Dr. Charles Foster, he says that in decision-making the key criteria is what, for you, is The Most Important Thing.

And he adds that The Most Important Thing should outweigh almost all other considerations combined.

Yes, I understand that, as adults, we must often take into consideration other people, dynamics and situations if they are different from The Most Important Thing. I also know that The Most Important Thing changes with different decisions. My Most Important Thing changes depending on whether I’m choosing ice cream flavors or a long-term life decision.

But, Foster says that if we don’t make The Most Important Thing the most important thing in our decision we’ll never be happy or satisfied with it. We might be OK with it in the short term (I love Butter Pecan, but I’m OK with vanilla), but over the long haul we’ll feel unfulfilled (see long-term).

What’s The Most Important Thing for you?

Try this exercise, we’ve done it before: Write down the three most important things in your life. Now, put them in order. This time, do it David Letterman/Miss America style with the second runner-up, first runner up, then the winner.

No one’s looking.

And now, the winner. The Most Important Thing is _________________________.

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