Thursday, August 11, 2011

3-1 Is Magic

In Positivity, author/UNC professor Barbara Frederickson writes that her research shows 3-1 as the optimal positivity ratio.

That means you need three positive thoughts and/or experiences for every negative to maintain a positive life.

As I’ve said for the past couple of days, Frederickson’s research is compelling. It isn’t just some “let’s all think positive and good things will happen” hopefulness.

Her research essentially proves that a positive outlook and a concerted effort to have positive experiences can make us healthier.

Now, if she could just convince the media of her findings. In San Antonio on Sunday all but two stories on the main pages in the newspaper were negative. Listen and watch on TV news…negative, negative, negative. It has an effect on our outlooks on life.

So, here’s the formula for the day, U B +.

Get it?

Write it on your paper; leave it on your desk; tape it to the mirror in your bathroom; write it on bathroom walls; mention it in a meeting.

I’m for this becoming a movement.

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