Tuesday, August 30, 2011

IHOP Heaven

I’m an IHOP guy. Waffle House is OK, but any restaurant that’ll serve you everything from pancakes to pot roast at midnight is pretty close to the American Dream as far as I’m concerned.

I even love their name, International House of Pancakes. Not just the Raleigh or North Carolina or American House of Pancakes…but, The International House of Pancakes. The only better name would be the Intergalactic House of Pancakes.

So, last night I’m looking for a place to celebrate after my last seminar for the summer. I’m on vacamacation (my word) for two weeks…can you believe I’ve NEVER had a two week vacation?

During the day yesterday I kept adding to a list of ideas for what I wanted to do to celebrate. I’d written down “champagne.” “beer and cigars,” “steak dinner,” “monster burgers” and a few other things that we'll just keep to ourselves.

However, I’m a simple guy and getting older and wiser. When I saw that IHOP sign I knew I was home. When I walked in my first thought was, “Why isn’t there a perfume that smells like pancakes?” Unlike most perfumes there wouldn’t be that “lets tear our clothes off and have sex on the stove” kind of pressure when you smell it. Well, OK, I’ve had some folks tell me that that’s my attitude when I smell anything up to and including Black Flag roach spray, but that’s another story.

The menu was a dilemma. So many choices, such a small table.

Here's where the story gets a little different. They have a steak omelet that’s the size of a Ford Prius and it comes with pancakes. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO ORDER HASH BROWNS, THE OMELET HAS THEM IN IT! But, here’s the dilemma, there was a spinach and mushroom omelet with hollandaise sauce…mmmm….I love hollandaise sauce…it’s like…mmm….breakfast gravy.

Now, I've always been a reasonably assertive guy, but I've never been big about switching stuff around on the menu. I've been a waiter and I know it can be a pain.

So, I thought, “Cowboy up, Mike! Even though it isn’t on the menu, order the steak omelet WITH hollandaise sauce. I mean, we're celebrating, right? All they can do is say, ‘No,’”

I did. And my waiter, Colin, and the folks in the kitchen were glad to give me exactly what I wanted.


Sometimes asking for what you want in life can be as simple as…well…asking.

Sometimes it’s a little, or a lot, more challenging. But, getting what you want and need is not a bad thing. You deserve it. Life’s too short.

Ask for what you want. All they can do is say, “No.”

What have you hesitated to ask for?

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