Monday, August 29, 2011

Uh, Grandpa, That Ain't the Mailbox

A 91-year old Englishman is suing the British postal service. It seems that for 3 years he had been putting his mail into a sidewalk box reserved for the dog poop owners scooped up when they took their pooches for walks.

Grandpa is suing because he thinks the postal service should have done a better job of helping him figure out where to put his mail. A passerby who saw him deposit a letter clued him to his mistake.

He said, “My eyesight hasn’t been so good for the past years.”

Once you get past the, “Aw, poor grandpa,” thought there are a couple of questions that should come to mind: Why did it take 3 years for someone to point out his mistake (the guy who helped him couldn’t have been the only one to see him deposit his mail incorrectly)? If no one was responding to his mail, assuming he sent something in addition to bills, why didn’t it occur to him that something was going on? Didn’t whoever empties the box see the letters? Do all British mailboxes smell like dog doo?...we could go on, but let’s not.

My basic questions are these: How often in life do we blame someone else for something that is basically our mistake? And how long do we keep making the mistake before we own up to it or have it pointed out to us?

Finally: What do we do about it?

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