Friday, September 2, 2011


On Sunday around noon if you experience a mild earthquake-type shaking you’ll know my skydiving experience didn’t end the way I expected.

I’ve wanted to get into skydiving since I was a little boy. I did a tandem jump twenty years ago but I’ve never taken the whole thing very seriously.

It takes about twenty-five jumps to get licensed and then you can jump anywhere. That’s the goal for me. I’ve seen pictures taken from the air of places all around the world and I’ve seen lots of America from the window of an airliner. I want to see some of those places hanging from a canopy.

When you listen to or read information about reaching goals one of the biggest steps is making it public. Shooting your mouth off about something you want puts some pressure on you to make it a reality, so this is me puttin’ it out there.

Yesterday a friend inferred that this might be an exercise in conquering a fear. There’s no fear here, only excitement. It wasn’t fear that kept me from doing this it was simple procrastination.

It’s time to step out the door or stop thinking about it.

What experience or goal do you have floating around out there that seems a little outrageous, a little too…too…you know?

Might be time for you to start thinking about easing up to the door, putting your foot on the edge and sticking your head out into the wind.

By the way, you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than you do getting seriously injured skydiving.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Oh yeah, and for God’s sake don’t tell my mama I’m doing this.

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