Thursday, September 15, 2011

Are You Mission Ready?

If you’ve ever encountered some of the heroes in our military you know that most of them are “mission ready.”

At the drop of a hat—or, more realistically, at the sound of a shot—they are ready to pick up their gear and go.

The reason our military is mission ready is because it’s the best trained force in the history of humankind. Overall in our society, the military probably does the best job of asking “What if?” and then growing the leaders, training the force, planning for equipment needs, completing the mission and then debriefing so they can learn from the experience.

If we all could do as good a job of handling those processes what would our individual and collective success rate be like?

I’ll go ahead and anticipate the thought that blistered through some of your minds just then, “If I had a budget like that I could do great stuff, too!”

No, Skippy, it ain’t about money…it’s about thinking.

Too many people don’t like to think…it makes their head hurt and it’s too much trouble.

And, believe me, there are lots of times that I’m right there with ya.

Are you—are we—am I—mission ready?

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