Monday, September 19, 2011

Can't Wave Bye-Bye

Went to a family get-together yesterday and spent about two hours playing the cornhole game you see people playing at tailgates and in back yard parties.

This morning I couldn’t raise my right arm above my waist. I don’t know if that’s a sign of getting old or simple excess enthusiasm or simple…excess.

I do know that it was fun and I’d probably do it again.

My father was lactose-intolerant and if he drank even a small glass of milk his stomach would get upset…but he loved milk. I asked him once why he continued to drink milk even when he knew the adverse effects it would bring.

He said, “Sometimes you have to put up with the bad to get the good.”

Obviously, that’s different than putting up with the bad to get bad, like drug abuse or overspending.

But, understanding that you may have to put up with some less-than-desirable stuff in order to get the really good stuff is not a bad tradeoff.

Where are your tradeoffs? And, are there ways to make the less-than-desirable parts not so less-than-desirable or the better parts better?

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