Thursday, September 1, 2011

College Football...or Kittens?

If you’re a hater when it comes to college football you might as well Google, "pictures of kittens" and check out the felines. No kidding, they're cute!

But,those of us who live and breathe college football have been waiting since the first week of January for tonight’s season-opening games. Saturday is the first full day of the season and we’ll be able to relax for four months. Classic games on ESPN help feed our addiction but there’s nothing like the real thing.

Pacing, fuming, worrying and getting ticked off about something that is supposed to happen in the future is a waste. And worry is an even bigger waste: 40% of what we worry about will never come true; 30% of our worries are things that have already happened so there’s nothing we can do about it; 12% of our worries are physical issues that won’t come true; and 6% of our worries are events over which we have no control (ex. What if a meteor was on line to strike the earth?).

I’m all for the attitude, “Looking forward to the event increases my enjoyment of it.” But, looking forward to it doesn’t mean it’s here.

Whatever it is will come in its own time.

What event in the future are you worried about or anticipating so enthusiastically that it’s taking time, energy and thought away from what you should be focused on right now?

PS. You might as well fill the time until the event with something constructive…like looking at pictures of kittens.

PPS. I have an event that’s supposed to happen at noon on Sunday that I could REEEAAALLLLYYY get worked up about in a negative or positive way. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

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