Monday, September 12, 2011

A Drunk Moose In a Tree

An apparently drunken moose was freed from the fork of a tree in southwestern Sweden recently. The animal control team believed the moose had been eating fermented apples and got caught in the tree.

If you’re actually LIVING your life and not just spending every day coloring inside the lines and going by the rules you’ll find yourself caught in the fork of a tree every now and then; you’ll find yourself in an uncomfortable position.

The situation could be in a relationship, at work, in your spiritual life or related to your health or physical life. I’ve tried exercises that looked pretty cool in a magazine when a professional was doing them and it didn’t take long before my body started giving me that “uh, oh” feeling. But, at least I tried.

I’ve definitely had situations in relationships in which I was trying to find the answers to important questions and other folks didn’t like my methods. I know just how the moose in the tree fork felt.

Doing things in new or different (read that “your own”) ways will always put you on the fringe. Your methods, no matter how well-intentioned, will often attract comments, opinions and reactions that aren’t positive.

You simply have to deal with the impact, try to turn it into a positive, and keep LIVING.

If you haven’t been in the fork of a tree lately maybe you haven’t been eating enough fermented apples…or LIVING.

Do you spend every day coloring inside the lines?

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