Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hope you don’t get tired of hearing me talk about the tandem skydiving experience on Sunday but there were so many life lessons pressed into a short period of time.

My outstanding tandem instructor, Andrew Lee, told me six (6) times that we were connected at four points on the harness. He told me twice during the instructions phase and once while we were standing outside the hanger waiting to board the plane. He told me three times in the plane; once when we got seated, once at about seven thousand feet when he started hooking me up and again about three minutes before we started moving to the door.


Because he wanted me to be confident that we’d be safe and that the outcome would be what we planned and what he told me it would be. Also, because at the moment that I needed to perform he wanted my reaction to be as close to automatic as possible. (Why do you think coaches drill players on the same plays over and over and over and over?)

Humans forget 50-75% of what they are told within 24 hours and 90% within a week.

Imagine that you are in a stressful situation like a big change at work, a disagreement with a loved one, running out the door to get to work…or getting ready to jump out of an airplane. How attentive are you to start with?

If you are going to have relationships with other human beings you’ve got to understand that you probably can’t just tell them something one time and EXPECT THEM TO GET IT!

If, when you repeat something, they indicate that they got it and understand, fine, move on. But, subtly, and gently bring up the issue later, in another way, and you’ll discover if they REALLY GOT IT of were just blowing you off.

Every time Andrew told me we would be/were connected I acknowledged it. It was only on the fourth, fifth and sixth times that it clicked with me and built my confidence.

An old adage in public speaking is Tell’em What You’re Going to Tell’em, Tell’em and Tell’em What You Told’em.

To whom should you be telling something again?

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