Friday, September 30, 2011

Let Me Jump On the Bandwagon About Moneyball

If you have not seen the movie, Moneyball, with Brad Pitt now is the time to go. It's still getting lots of press but the initial flood of viewers has died down so you shouldn't end up a in theatre crowded with people.

I saw it last night and loved it. It's a great story of people thinking outside the box in order to solve a problem.

Also, it's a great example of smart people managing their way through a variety of people issues.

What challenge are you running into that you need to approach from a new direction (and it may be a direction NO ONE in your organization, family or group thinks will work!)?

Have a great weekend. I'll see you Monday.

PS. Keep good thoughts for me about 9 am on Saturday; my first solo skydive.

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