Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The New Five Second Rule

We all know about the five second rule: If you drop food on the floor and can grab it within five seconds it’s ok to eat.

Well, maybe not on MY floor, but you get the idea.

Mel Robbins, talk-show host and advice columnist, has another five second rule. She says, “Whenever you have a game-changer impulse, act on it within five seconds or it dies.”

That’s how I got into raking leaves on Sunday. I’d been thinking about cleaning out the leaves under my bushes for months. On Sunday I looked at them and thought, “Let’s do it.” Then I hopped up and did it. (If you read yesterday’s blog you know that I also immediately grabbed a beer and sat back down after doing it.)

Five seconds.

Think about it…five seconds could put you on the road to being more efficient, effective, thinner, smarter, more well-liked...more likely to make your dreams come true.

This is a game-changing idea because it initiates action and starts the momentum flowing.

What have you been meaning to get done that you could hop up right now and invest five seconds in?


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