Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Run Screaming From the Room!!

I’m going to use a word that may make some of you run screaming from the room.


Now, for the rest of you who are still with me….if you have not seen the Kenny Chesney-produced video, Boys of Fall…you need to.

When Tony Dungy, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts coach, says, “Football is like life, it just happens faster,” I realized that you could show this to anyone and simply ask them to look for the same life lessons in music, gardening, tattooing, your day at the office…whatever.

You may have to go online to Bestbuy.com or Amazon.com to get it, but I can assure you, it’s worth the trouble. Be sure you’re clear about which format, DVD or Blue-ray, you need. It’s only about $13 new and you can get used copies for $4.

Buy a bunch and give’em as presents. Watch it twice and then give it to someone and ask them to watch it.

Boys of Fall should be required viewing not only for anyone who plays or played, but for anyone who loves someone who does or did. Every mother of a football player, no matter how old (the player, not the mother); every wife, girlfriend or female pal; and every cheerleader should see it.

This is the best explanation of why a lot of us are kinda crazy for at least four months out of the year. And, yes, I record games and watch old games on ESPN Classic and ESPNU between seasons.

The comments from the coaches are worth the price of the video. Their thoughts about why they do what they do and the effect it has on young men are outstanding. (And, yes, there are a couple of coaches who are in the headlines right now, but listen to what they say)

One of our cultural challenges today is finding ways to expose young people to concepts that lead to success. Hell, we don’t have enough adults exposed to success strategies. Boys of Fall is an extraordinary example of a 21st Century version of elders sitting around the fire in front of the cave and explaining, “This is how we did it.”

It’s a wonderful combination of storytelling and technology.

Get Boys of Fall right now.

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