Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sitting In the Passenger Seat and Reaching Over to Grab the Wheel

In the hilarious Monty Python movie, The Life of Brian, a group is standing so far away from Jesus at the Sermon on the Mount that they think they hear him say, “And the Greek shall inherit the earth.” One guy looks at another and says, “Which one?”

Of course, the word they missed was meek.

The trouble is that the vast majority of us have been missing on the word meek all our lives.

If you ask most folks to define meek they’ll say, “weak, wimpy, unwilling to stand up for yourself.”

But, that’s not what meek means at all. The Greek word used to record what Jesus taught meant, “strength under control.” The meaning in the spoken Aramaic meant, “teachable.”

A good way to think about meek is as an acknowledgment that we don’t know everything. Being meek means we’re willing to learn and we will have faith that things will come out the way we want.

For a lot of us who attempt to control life (imagine a giant arrow pointing from the sky at my head), being meek is a challenge because it is a deliberate restraint on a powerful ego (a quote from Science of Mind magazine).

When it comes to some of the challenges in your life are you willing to be meek?

Or, on those occasions when you’re sitting in the passenger seat of life, are you reaching over to grab the wheel when you see a bump coming?

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