Friday, September 9, 2011

What Lens Do You Use?

Thanks for being patient and letting me blather on this week about my new skydiving adventure. I promise I'll be on to another topic on Monday.

But, as you can tell, the experience has had a dramatic effect on me. I learned a ton of lessons in a short period of time.

The experience has given me a new lens—skydiving—through which to see life.

Everyone uses a lens of some type through which they see life. Some of my friends use music; others use football. Some use nature as a way to understand what goes on around them; other people see it all as a business proposition.

Psychologists call it “framing.” We all frame life in basic ways as good, bad, a challenge, a problem…we all frame.

The frame we use can easily lead us to automatically label others as competitors or teammates; enemies or friends.

My week, and probably yours, too, has brought some dramatic opportunities to fly…but, it’s also brought a couple of dramatic crashes (although not in skydiving, thank goodness).

Looking at life through my new lens I’m trying to learn that as long as you can get up and dust yourself off you get another chance to fly.

Through what lens do you see life?

Have a great weekend. See you Monday.

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