Wednesday, September 21, 2011

That's Not Dog Poop, Is It?

My neighbors were kind enough to aerate my lawn last Saturday.

You know how when you aerate your lawn it pulls little plugs of soil out? I know so little about that stuff that when I went out to get the paper on Sunday morning I thought dogs had pooped ALL OVER my front yard.

Anyway, I bought some seed and fertilizer and a little hand spreader (a cool tool, looks like a Star Wars gun) to try and get some more grass growing. When I was buying my stuff at Home Depot the guy said, "Be sure and put the fertilizer out first, then the grass seed."

After I got home one of my neighbors filled me in on the fact that water activates the fertilizer and grass seed.

So, what I learned is that the order in which you put the stuff out does matter and there are simple things that get the process moving.

I can hear your right now, "Well, Mr. Yard Wizard, everyone knows that!"

No, we don't. We know that the order in which we put our clothes on matters (try putting your underwear on over your shirt and's a conversation starter) and we know that putting the key in the ignition starts the car.

But, we often don't understand that those simple rules--order and activation--apply to lots of other processes.

How'd I know? I didn't assume that I knew. I acted dumb (I heard that!) and I asked questions.

What do you want to learn? And what questions do you need to ask?

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