Friday, September 16, 2011

Wallpaper and The Rolling Stones

The other day someone told me that relationships are like wallpaper.

She said, “You go through all these books looking at tons of designs and colors and then…you find exactly what you want. But, they don’t have enough to wallpaper the whole room. You can keep looking, hoping you’ll find something else you like just as well, but you know you won’t. Or, you can settle for something else that they do have enough of, but you know that every time you look at your walls you’ll be reminded that that was not your first choice. Or, you can wallpaper one wall and then use colors and accents to dress it up.”

I like the metaphor.

Later, I thought about the Rolling Stones singing, “You can’t always get what you want, but you can get what you need.”

I’ve always been one of those folks who tried to figure out what I wanted and then went after it; I didn’t just settle for what I needed. Sometimes I got both. Very often I got neither.

But, maybe she’s got a point. If you know what you need and you can get that maybe you’ll be lucky enough to also end up getting what you want. Which might not be a bad deal. While you are working for what you want you at least have what you need.

So, that gets us to the question: If the Stones are right, do you know what you need?

Have a great weekend, it looks like fall is here. See you Monday.

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