Monday, October 24, 2011

Do I Smell Like Gravy?

My wonderful neighbor make a Rice Pak for me to use on my back injury (dinged it skydiving).

It’s like a hand towel that has been sewn into compartments and you put rice in them. Put the Rice Pak in the microwave for 3 minutes and it comes out radiating moist heat. It’s great!

There's been two wonderful side effects to my Rice Pak. The fragrance of the rice and an extraordinary realization.

I’ve talked here before about my love of gravy. I’ll put it on anything! Gravy is an enchancer. Spaghetti sauce is gravy for noodles. Salad dressing is gravy for lettuce. Make-up is actually gravy for womens’ faces. Gravy is…well…you get it.

So, in addition to the wonderfully relaxing feeling I get from using the Rice Pak I’ve been jolted into the realization, “This is what gravy feels like when it’s spread on rice!”

No wonder I like gravy.

Spread some positive vibes like gravy over your office stress….well…uh…ok…maybe that’s reaching on the gravy metaphor a little.

Have a great Monday.

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