Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Get the Depends and Geritol!

Is "Teenage Genius" an oxymoron?

New research into educational advances show that today’s average teenager would have been judged a genius in 1900. The research was part of broader studies proving that, believe it or not, we live in a smarter, safer, less violent world than in past centuries.

Ok, Ok, I hear all you cynics with the smarty-pants comments. But, you’re not going to hear that from me…at least not today. I’m convinced that positive thoughts can lead to positive actions which lead to a more positive, better world. So, all this is a good thing.

Really, though, a genius?!

I’ve seen pictures from 1900 and young guys wore their pants around their waists, 9-year olds didn’t dress like Lady Gaga, no one had cellphones attached to their hands, and no one said, “Whatever,” every other sentence.

Wait, did I sound like a cynical, old sluggo just then?

Damn. Get the Depends and the Geritol.

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