Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hearing Their Heads Rattle

This morning, the wonderful cartoon, Pickles, showed a grandmother talking with her young grandson.

She said, “Nelson, it’s just silly for a boy of your age to want to grow a mustache. And it’s even sillier to think that putting bacon grease on your lip will make it grow.”

The grandson says, “Grampa said it would work.”

Grandmother, “Grampa said, huh? What do I keep telling you about Grampa?”

Grandson, “He talks just to hear his head rattle.”

That’s not a bad bit of advice to consider when encountering a lot of the people we come in contact with.

I’m all for the, “We’re all God’s children and there’s something special about each one of us,” philosophy. But, let’s be honest. It can take waaaaaaayyyyyy too long and too much effort to discover what that little gem of specialness might be in them.

Maybe them hearing their head rattle is the best thing that will happen to them all day long. So, God Bless’em. Smile and move on your way.

Of course, if you’re hearing rattling in your head…well,…I’m just sayin’.

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