Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Mensa Candidate at the McDonald's Counter

A group of waitpeople in San Francisco is pushing for minimum tips of 25% and want restauranteurs to automatically include the amount on restaurant and bar bills. Some of their group want the tips deal to apply to fast food workers like the Mensa candidate at the counter who attempts to take your order.

Most of their logic is based on a slower economy and the need for more income. No argument there.

Is it just me, though, who believes that a tip is supposed to be for service above and beyond just taking your order, bringing it to you and checking on you once or twice. Isn’t that what they get paid for, anyway.

I’ve worked as a waiter and I’ve run a restaurant so I get the fact that service people are only paid minimum wage. And I’ve experienced situations where I gave someone extraordinary service and they stiffed me. The worst table you want is a group of well-dressed, middle-aged women, believe me. But, that’s the ups and downs of the occupation.

If you automatically spot someone 25% they start believing it’s part of their salary, that they’re entitled to it. Then, if you try to adjust it at a later date, unless the adjustment is upward, they’ll scream that things were always this way and that you’re messing with their entitlement. A staggering percentage of the American population thinks that way today and our country is the worse for it.

If you get good service, recognize it. When that happens the server is more likely to give good service the next time, hoping to get rewarded again. The cumulative effect is a better server, more satisfied customers, a more successful business, and more customers which means the server gets more opportunities.

This doesn’t just work with food and drinks. Try it in your work setting. Catch someone doing something right and praise them. Do it every day. You’ll get a better workplace.

Who do you need to catch doing something right right now?

I HEARD THAT!!!! You were thinking, “Mike, no one around here does a damn thing right!”

Gotcha. Catch the least-worst person doing something right. Try it. Right now.

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