Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ouch!! If You Stick Me With That Needle Again I'll........

I have a friend who’ll stick a needle in you in a skinny minute.
She directs a lab for a medical practice and she’s really good at drawing blood…I mean really good. She can do it so fast and so easily that you hardly feel a thing. She takes great pride in handling patients other lab techs can’t or won’t work with.

Another friend could sell Obama’s healthcare plan to the Republicans. He is unbelievably positive and motivated and he’s been extraordinarily successful in sales.

One of my great friends is a DJ and he does tons of weddings and celebrations. It isn’t his fulltime job, but his ability to play just the right song at the right moment and his line of patter helps make great moments even better and more memorable for hundreds of people every year.

I think I’m reasonably good at public speaking and writing. I’m not General Patton at the podium or Hemingway at the keyboard, but I believe I can put together a coherent message in educational, entertaining and informative ways (that’s paraphrasing Mark Twain, by the way).

We’re all good at something. It may not make money but it’s a talent or skill that gives us pride and in which we can find a sense of joy.

If you aren’t using your gift you should look for it (it’s that thing people tell you you’re good at or, when you do it, you feel like you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing), find it, and use it.

It’ a…gift; a present. So, use it in…the….present. Now.

What’s your gift?
Are you using it?

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