Friday, October 14, 2011

Woke Up and Got Up

On a summer evening in what now seems like another life my stepson, Joseph, was asked, “What did you do today?” Joseph was 17 at the time and enjoying the summer. He thought a moment and said, “Woke up and got up.” As far as he was concerned, that was a successful day.

I was reminded of that moment recently when I again read the Woody Allen quote, “Ninety percent of success is showing up.”

In his new book, Up, Down, Or Sideways, author Mark Sanborn asks, “What are the three or four things you are doing every day to insure your continued success?”

I can tell you right now that with all due respect to a 17-year old Joseph and Woody Allen, if the only things you are doing each day are waking up, getting up and showing up there will come a day when they haven’t been enough.

Last week a Greenville, NC, man bought at a lottery ticket at a convenience store near his home and won half of the $114 million mega prize.

Unfortunately, life is rarely like that. You don’t usually do one thing and have it pay off bigtime. Success in life is usually based on the cumulative value of lots of little and big efforts.

So, what are the 3-4 things you do most days that lead to the success in work, health, relationships, spirit, knowledge and fun you hope to enjoy?

Have a big weekend. See you Monday.

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