Monday, November 28, 2011

Do They Smell Better Than You?

So, how was your Thanksgiving? Hope you enjoyed a great time with wonderful food and friends.

One of the main rewards of the holidays for many of us is that we get to see folks we don’t see on a regular basis. That can be good and…well…you know…

A friend recently told me he appreciated the holidays because it was the only time he had to put up with some of his relatives.

When I pushed him a little he owned up to the fact that one of his relatives has been pretty successful and in comparison my friend doesn’t come out looking so good…to him.

That’s the problem with comparing, you can ALWAYS find someone who is richer, taller, prettier, stronger or smells better.

If you want to look to other folks for examples of accomplishment or some other issue that's fine if you’re using those examples to put together your plan of goals to reach. If you’re using them to beat yourself up because you’re not there, that’s not fine.

Compare your progress to your plan and nothing else.

The issue isn’t so much where you are, it’s do you have a plan at all? And how do you compare to that? If you don’t have a plan you’re just wandering around out here in life and now you’re ticked off because other folks who’ve made more progress planned for it and are doing it.

And you ain’t lookin’ so good, are you?

A loose plan is better than no plan at all.

PS…and don’t tell me you’re simply enjoying each moment…I get the Zen connection, but if that’s all life is to you you’ll come to a moment you won’t enjoy.

What’s your plan?

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