Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get the Cattle Prod

The next few days will, depending on who you’re talking with, be a shopper’s dream or nightmare.

Overcrowded stores, surly salespeople, tired and frustrated shoppers, toooo much traffic, long lines, crying children, toooooo little money…pick your combination or just lump them all into the experience.

So, here’s a tip for lowering your frustration level and raising your enjoyment of holiday shopping…expect less.

Expect less of the salespeople, expect people to be less courteous when driving, expect the stores to be overcrowded so plan ahead and take more time, expect to budget your money.

If you expect less the experience itself becomes the key. Enjoy the people you’re with. Revel in the hunt when shopping. Savor that iced tea/Coke/coffee/cold beer you have during a break in the action.

Expect less and you’ll end up with more.

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