Tuesday, November 29, 2011

God, Bikinis and Baseball Bats

An Eastern North Carolina woman recently ended up in jail after she beat her husband with a baseball bat. She said she’d had enough of him getting drunk and playing loud music.

When I heard the story I immediately thought of a poster and email photo that’s been around for a few years. There’s a beautiful, young woman in a bikini and the tag line at the bottom says, “Yeah, she’s hot. But, somewhere there’s a guy who’s just tired of her &#$%!!”

Relationships are not easy. I’m reminded of the woman who, while in couples therapy with her husband, said, “We have religious differences. He thinks he’s God and I don’t.”

As I’m writing this the Huey Lewis song, “Stuck With You,” is playing in the background and the line, “I’m happy to be stuck with you” jumps out.

Whether it’s your work life or personal life finding people you’re happy to be stuck with can be difficult. Or, it could be as simple as finding effective ways to put up with their &#$%!

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