Friday, November 11, 2011

The Long Leaf's Fall

A few minutes ago I walked out to get my paper. Turning to back into the house I looked up and saw a bright, yellow leaf fall from the top of the beautiful tree in my front yard to the ground.

In the 8-9 seconds it took the leaf to get to the ground I wasn’t thinking about the Penn State mess, the dangerous situations many of our troops are in around the world, the NCAA stupidity at Carolina, my ankles hurting from a skydiving landing, relationship silliness or the fact that I’ve GOT to clean up this house.

Mini-vacations like that can save your sanity.

Hang tuff. It’s fall, it’s Friday, the weekend is around the corner, The Heels are playing The Spartans ON AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER tonight! If that isn’t America on a variety of levels I don’t know what is!

What is a momentary vacation you could take right now?

Have a great weekend and remember to take a quiet moment to thank the veterans for the freedom and safety in which we lead our lives.

See you Monday.

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