Thursday, November 10, 2011

Look Down. What's On Your Shirt?

Yesterday a client paid me a wonderful compliment. He had asked, “How’s business?” And, when I told him that I was pretty well booked for the coming winter and spring he said, “A number of your competitors have been telling me that bookings are down, you obviously don’t have that problem. Can I tell you why I think that is?”


He said, “I’ve noticed that you don’t have twenty choices of seminar topics. You have only a few and you’re really, really good at them.”


Being a generalist has its advantages, but in today’s marketplace being a specialist, especially if your skills solve today’s challenges, is the way to go.

The tough thing is that in a tight marketplace there’s a tendency to want to try and jump after any opportunity because it means gaining some…any…business.

If you focus on what you’re good at and methodically seek out people who need that talent, skill, solution you can at least create a state of sufficiency.

(Sufficiency is a useful new word I just learned and it refers to having enough)

What are you good at? In today’s marketplace if you’re good at screwing off, ducking work, schmoozing instead of producing and taking credit for work you didn’t do, then I promise you you’ve got a bullseye on your shirt. You’ll be found out sooner or later. And, in this marketplace, if your managers are even reasonably mature you’ve already been found out and they’re simply looking for a way to drop you.

However, if you have a useable skill and you’re good at it, let people know. Now is the time for problem solvers and workers. If you’re one of those folks who have a star instead of a bullseye on your shirt, which my client believes I have and I know I have, now’s our time.

What solution do you provide? What’s on your shirt?

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