Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pull Off At the Rest Area

Am on I-95 on my way to present a seminar. Needed to take a short break so I pulled off at a rest area.

Life's kind of like that. Sometimes you simply need to pull off and take a short break.

Most of us can't take sabaticals from our jobs or families but we can find a place, situation or activity that gives us a little respite.

The pull-off could be for a few minutes, days or months.

This isn't so much a vacation as it is a relaxation; we all know that sometimes vacations aren't relaxing.

My rest area is my little house, The Cottage. Lying on the couch watching the leaves fall, listening to some tunes and reading with the fire going is about as restful a situation as I've ever encountered.

What's your rest area?

1 comment:

  1. Taking care of two infirm in-laws, this idea appeals to me. I have been on vacations that actually lasted way too long and when I got back, I no longer wanted to work at all. Short respites refresh, but don't make me lazy. If I get a few minutes alone, I'm ready to tackle the rest of the day. If I get a day, I'm ready for the week. The problem is finding something to distract me. It's hard to 'turn myself off' sometimes.