Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still Living In the 8th Century

Are friends who stop by and bring food the best or what?!!

A good friend stopped by last night and brought dinner. He’s a great guy who travels around the world for fun and he has a VERY practical view of life based on what he’s seen.

The topic of the Mideast came up and I said, “A lot of those folks would be better off if they didn’t cling to living in the eighth century.”

His answer was wonderfully astute. He said, “Why should they change? If you’re a male in that part of the world you have all the power, you don’t educate anyone who might be a threat, you don’t build roads for people who might oppose you, and it’s all about you. As Americans we believe it’s supposed to be about everyone else. We believe we have all the answers. What if we don’t?”

We also agreed that the Penn State scandal was caused by people who ducked their moral responsibility because they wanted to maintain and be part of the power elite. They wanted it to be all about them.

Fear is a strong motivator. Whether you’re living in Libya or coaching in State College, PA, fear of a change in the status quo, whether you admit it or not, can be a primary force behind your actions. Whether we admit it or not we all do things based on fears that life won’t turn out the way we want it to.

When we answer the call of fear we are less than we can be. But, as minister T.D. Jakes points out, “Even strong people stumble.”

If you don’t do what’s right (and you know in your heart what that is) you never sleep well at night.

What keeps you up at night?

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