Wednesday, November 2, 2011

There's No Good In Being a Good Guy

Yesterday I was informed of a breach of confidence that may harm my business.

I was trying to be a good guy and help someone out and I asked them to keep the gesture between us. They appear to have revealed the gesture and it may backfire on me.

Increasingly, it’s being proved to me in a number of areas of life that trying to be a good guy may not be worth the effort. In fact, the effort may not be seen as a positive gesture at all.

So, what’s the solution? Do I assume that the negative side of life wins out every time and be a jerk and do a preemptive strike?

It’s really tempting. If you take the negative view of life you’re right a lot of the time and when you’re wrong and things work out for the good you’re pleasantly surprised. If you take the positive view you’re wrong a lot of the time and when you’re right you’re not surprised.

It would be nice if most folks were smarter and believed that most of the time we’re operating on the basis of our better angels. It’s just frustrating waiting for them to catch up.

Who are you trying to be today, the good you, or your evil twin?

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