Thursday, November 17, 2011

You Calling You? How Does That Work?

In the small business programs I present I suggest that budding entrepreneurs call ten people during their planning/research process. The calls can be to suppliers, potential customers and, especially, people who are in the business/industry they hope to be in.

Then I ask, “To whom should your first call be made?” (The answer is an association that supports the industry. They are always a treasure trove of information about the business.)

I get all kinds of answers; your spouse, a friend, my pastor, my lawyer or CPA…all kinds of answers.

But, the one that has always amazed me is, “My first call should be to myself.”

Now, I have to admit..and I’m embarrassed to confess this…I’ve always busted people who offered the comment. I always thought, “How dopey is that?” And I’ll mimic holding a phone to my ear and saying, “Mike, do you think this is a good idea?” Do you get the joke?

Well, the joke is on me.

Whenever we think about trying something new in our lives, making a change or challenging ourselves we DO, in essence, call ourselves. We ask ourselves in our hearts and minds, “Am I up to this? Can I do it?”
The answer you get back, positive or negative, will often set the course for how the experience will go.

Do you hear that ringtone in your head right now? That’s you calling to tell you whether you are or are not up to doing something you’re considering. Pick up the phone.

What’s your answer?

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