Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You're Being Replaced With a Bobblehead Doll

Saw a cartoon this morning. Two guys sitting on a bench and one says to the other, “I was saying ‘no’ so many times my boss replaced me with a bobblehead doll.”

Is your default reaction to almost any situation a ‘no’?

Don’t automatically take the reaction as a bad thing.

Saying ‘no’ keeps you from taking risks which can lead to mistakes or failures which can lead to all kinds of bad outcomes.

There’s a whole management philosophy based around saying ‘no’ initially until the other party has either come down to a bargain price for you or proved their case to the point that you know they can’t fail.

On the other hand (a friend of mine at this point would say, “she has a tattoo,” but that’s an old joke and I digress) by saying ‘no’ automatically you self-select out of experiences that could be successful, career-changing or…life-changing.

When you are exposed to new people, situations, opportunities and experiences is your default reaction… ‘no’?

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