Monday, December 5, 2011

Award Shows and Bowl Games...Too Many or Not Enough?

Yesterday during one of the pro games there was a promo for a music awards show. Troy Aikman, Pro Football Hall of Famer and TV color analyst said, “You know, these music award shows are like bowl games, it seems like there’s one every other day.” He immediately caught himself and said, “well that’s an example of ‘open mouth, insert foot’” because his network is the one carrying the show.

However, I agree with Troy. And the networks make tons of money from the award shows and the bowls.

But, take a moment and look at them from a different perspective. Both the award shows and the bowls are tangible rewards for people doing something RIGHT.

I love that thought.

What if we caught people doing things right more often in our day-to-day lives? My guess is that by congratulating and rewarding people more often they’d do good things…more often!

Have your own little rewards show this week. Contact 5 people you appreciate and tell them “thank you.” You’ll be amazed at the result.

Who can you call first?

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  1. You CAN call anyone.... the question is who WILL you call first and what happened. Good karma?