Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Four Hours On Cruise Control

Presented a seminar in Richmond, Va, yesterday morning and another one in Lumberton, NC, last night. That’s four hours on I-95 doing about 75 mph on cruise control.

As you can imagine, spending that much time riding gives you a lot of time think and your mind zooms across a wide range of topics. You can solve most of the world problems, find solutions to some of your life challenges, come up with new life issues, solve problems for other people and make a variety of profound observations that, unfortunately, no one else is there to hear.

One observation that kept coming up was that people show you who they are by how they drive. If I had the opportunity to meet some of my fellow I-95 travelers I might have a different opinion of them, but our encounters at high speed were all I had to go on.

You see these folks like I did: The Bumper-Hugger, The Safe-Space Driver, Zoomer, Crawler, Line Crosser, The Irritated “You’re Number One” Finger Giver, God Is a Trucker, The Wave at Everyone Guy, The Left Turn Signal On Since Jersey Woman, The Kids Making Out While Driving, Cell Phone Sandi (that’s what plate on the front of the car said) and The Racer.

As irritating as my encounters were with some of those folks…the drive is over and it’s time to move on. However, you and I know people who would continue to talk about those drivers and the encounters for…ev…er.

Let’em go.

Do the same thing with the irritating encounters you have each day. Don’t drag them into the next day with you…you don’t need the baggage.

Think for a second about the friction you encountered yesterday.


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