Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello? Is This the Front Desk?

Spent the night last night in a hotel in Greensboro. At about 11 pm I called the desk and arranged a wake-up call for 7. I then set a 7 am alarm on my cellphone.

Then I got to thinking that most of the time in life we get wake-up calls as surprises and often at the worst times. Something happens in our health, families or careers and it jumps up an bites us. The event makes us realize we need to change what we’re doing or make life arrangements we didn’t want to make or had hoped we wouldn’t have to make.

We rarely plan wake-up calls.

But, what if we did plan wake-up calls in life like we do in hotels. Would we call someone or make some sort of arrangements so that we were alerted that it was time to change.

I’d love to say that I’ve got a better idea about how to do this than the simple idea in the last paragraph, but right now I don’t. I think it’s an interesting idea and if you’ve got a way to give yourself a wake-up call let me know at mike@; put "Wake-Up Call" on the subject line.

If your idea seems workable for a bigger audience I’ll spread it here.

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