Thursday, December 8, 2011

It Won't Kill You To Be Nice

Saw Hall and Oates at the Durham Performing Arts Center last night. These guys are the biggest selling duo in rock and roll history and they were extraordinary. When I heard “Sara Smile,” “Rich Girl” and “I Can’t Go For That,” the songs took me back to wonderful memories.

But, after I left the concert I kept thinking about the DPAC employees I had encountered. Each of the five or six people I came in contact with—ushers, security, concession people—were unfailingly gracious, efficient and friendly.

In today’s low expectations culture of customer service these folks were champions.

I immediately thought of an ad used by Hilton Hotels years ago. It said, “We don’t train our people to be friendly we simply hire friendly people.”

I’m willing to bet that the people I encountered are nice, friendly people whether they are working or not.

And, here’s the point…they choose to be friendly, courteous, gracious and fun to be around.

We choose to be who we are. If you’re saying other people make you act like you do you’re wrong. You’ve chosen to react to difficult people or situations in a specific way. You’re using an excuse to blame others for behaviors you chose to exhibit.

To be blunt…if you act like an ass…you’ve chosen to be an ass. “They” didn’t make you do it.

Are you blaming someone today for your behavior?

PS…thanks to the folks at DPAC and Hall and Oates for a great experience.

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